Essence Series Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Kit

The Vida by PADERNO Essence Series Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Kit is ideal for whole chicken, roasts, and other larger cuts of meat. It features a 3-piece extendible spit rod, 4 four-pronged meat forks, a stainless steel motor and power cord, and is counter balanced for uniform rotation and even cooking. It’s also an exact fit with Vida by PADERNO Essence Series BBQs.
Technical Details
  • Counter balance assembly for uniform rotation and even cooking
  • 3-Piece spit rod extends from 28 to 41 1/4"" (71.1 to 104.7 cm)
  • For food weighing up to 20 lb (9 kg)
  • Exact fit with Vida by PADERNO Essence Series BBQs
  • Includes 4x four-pronged meat forks, stainless steel motor and 6' (1.8 m) power cord
Care Instructions

Hand wash all components that come in contact with food with warm water and mild detergent

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Trs bon rtisseur

Le meilleur poulet bbq!!!
Le rtisseur fonction merveille

Well made

Heavy duty works perfect

Damaged beyond repair .

Fail 2 days after use .lost reciept . If it gets jammed and sis prevented from rotating it will break internally and become non repairable . .

Claude Galipeauy
This rotisserie is badly designed

I purchased this rotisserie for my Vida Paderno 4 burner grill. Got it ou of the box and surprised to find that the spit rod is in 3 pieces. Instructions say to use the 2 long rods for the 4 burner BBQ. Unfortunately if you do this the rod is too short. You must use all 3 rods which makes it very long but usable. Using a spit rod that is in 3 pieces will allow meat juices to enter the threads of the rod leading to contamination. Of course you can wash the threads however the female threaded piece cannot be cleaned. Bad design as far as I'm concerned.

I proceeded to install the 2 brackets on the BBQ. Instructions say to install the motor on the left side of the BBQ. Doing this means that you can no longer open the side burner cover. So installed the brackets with the motor on the right side. This you would think would solve the problem by having the smaller bracket on the left side. Nooo. this also does not work as the bracket is about 3/8 inch to wide. Therefore you cannot open the side burner.

Called Paderno for service. After 3 calls no one was able to provide a solution. So basically I'm stuck with a badly designed rotisserie.

Do I recommend this product? Absolutely not. Reading comments on the Paderno web site regarding the rotisserie all say the same thing. so i't been known for quite.a while. All Paderno needs to do is make a new bracket that is 3/8 to 1/2 inch less wide and problem would be solved.

Bad design

Purchased this for my 4 burner Vida BBQ. even if you install with the support bracket on the left side you cannot open the side burner. Bracket is about 3/8 inch to wide. Called Paderno and nothing they can do. The spit rod is in 3 pieces that are screwed together. Meat juices are going to get into those threads and potential for contamination exist
Simply put this is a really bad design.