• Gas Grills

  • TempASSURED Technology™ is Vida by PADERNO's patent-pending cooking system. It brings together traditional grilling, with the precision control of an oven.

    TempASSURED Technology™ is a dual-mode design that allows you to set and maintain a specific temperature using Oven Mode, or enjoy traditional grilling in BBQ Mode.

  • When in Oven Mode, ensure the lighting burner control knobs are set to the #10 setting/max. position. If the problem persists, please contact Vida by PADERNO customer support.

  • The middle burners(burner #2 and burner #3) will not function in Oven Mode. Both burners have a thermocouple and safety shut-off valve that will restrict the use of both middle burners when the TempASSURED Technology™ control knob is in the Oven Mode position.

    Only the outside burners will ignite in Oven Mode in order to maintain lower temperatures for slow cooking, and to allow for offset cooking in the middle of the grill

  • TempASSURED Technology™ controls the temperature of the cooking surface. The lid mounted thermometer provides a good reference, but will not provide the exact temperature of the cooking surface.

    If the lid mounted thermometer and the temperature selected on the TempASSURED Technology™ control dial do not align when in Oven Mode, the setting selected on the TempASSURED Technology™ control dial should be referred to for an accurate temperature reading. For optimal performance, set the appropriate burner control knobs to the #10 setting/max. position in Oven Mode.

  • It is recommended that you season your cooking grates before the first use, and re-season often for a slick, non-stick surface. Seasoning the cooking grates also helps to protect them from moisture and rust.

  • All Vida by PADERNO™ Essence Series BBQs include the Convertible Valve System™, which makes converting your BBQ from Propane to Natural Gas simple. To convert your BBQ from Propane to Natural gas, you will need a Convertible Valve System Kit (sold separately at Canadian Tire - Model# 085-2661).

  • Yes. Simply rotate the TempASSURED Technology™ control dial to the desired setting. You do not have to turn off the barbecue to change the selected mode.

  • Yes. If you would like to precisely control your grilling temperature please feel free to use Oven Mode for a variety of foods. Please note that the 4-Burner model only has the two outside burners operating when in Oven Mode.

  • Yes, but this might hinder the barbecues ability to maintain high temperature settings.

  • No. Do not attempt to remove the glass for cleaning.

  • You can light the Essence Series Barbecues in either BBQ Mode or Oven mode. Please make sure the burner control knobs are in the ignition setting indicated in the user manual when lighting.

For more troubleshooting tips and FAQs, please visit the Troubleshooting section of the Vida by PADERNO Essence Series Manuals on page 26-27, or contact Vida by PADERNO customer service (1-800-263-9768).