Essence Series 2-Burner Convertible Gas Barbecue

The Vida by PADERNO Essence Series 2-Burner Convertible Gas Barbecue features an electronic ignition system, porcelain cast iron cooking grates and a deep cook box providing optimal air flow for convection style cooking. With patent pending TempASSURED Technology™ that allows you to set and maintain a specific temperature using Oven Mode, or enjoy traditional grilling in BBQ Mode. Explore the versatility of this dual mode design to bring your indoor oven recipes outdoors. Savour even cooking results and optimized heat retention, monitoring your food without heat escaping using the EasyCHECK Window. Seamlessly select and adjust your desired heat setting while grilling with the aerial-view EasyCHECK Control Knobs.
Technical Details
  • TempASSURED Technology™ using Oven Mode or BBQ Mode
  • EasyCHECK Window to monitor your food without heat escaping using the EasyCHECK Control Knobs to select and adjust heat settings
  • Porcelain cast iron cooking grates
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Deep cook box for convection style cooking
  • Two porcelain-coated steel heat tents
  • Two stainless steel tube burners
  • Folding side shelves with tool hooks
  • 26,000 BTUs main burners
  • 440 sq. in. (2838 cm2) total cooking surface
  • Convertible Valve System from propane to natural gas (conversion kit sold separately)

Customer Reviews

Based on 213 reviews
Daryl Rayner
Vida 2 burner bbq

Purchased this bbq as a retirement gift, love the cooking this bbq does to-date, also purchased the rotisserie kit, and cover and utensils.
The cooking so far have been great, tempature control works as advertised, the one issue I have is with the rotisserie attached to the bbq , I am unable to use the side self with rotisserie attached, this is poor design and can only use the right self the cover seems to be durable and is holding up well.
I have cooked hotdogs, hamburgers, steak, pork chops, smokies, roasts and whole chickens as well the cooks has turned out awesome.
I would recommend this product however beware of design flaw with rotisserie atted you are unable to use the left side shelf.

Rick KW
Beautiful and well-functioning unit

Bought this a couple of weeks ago in-store on sale, and just used it for the first time this evening. So happy with it, I'd've bought it at full price!
Firstly, it was pretty easy to assemble; instructions recommend two people, and it is probably a whole lot more comfortable for the average person to need a hand positioning the top piece. No missing parts and everything went together as per the instructions.
It warmed up super fast! I didn't time it, but after igniting it and then going to prep condiments and buns, it was up to heat. Cooked the burgers and hot dogs nicely with no dramas.
The coated grill was easy to wipe clean, but I think I'm going to get a wooden "brush" to clean it with.

Useful features but has one major design flaw

This is a good BBQ for 2-4 people. The surface area is larger than appears in the photos. The features such as the Temp-Assured Technology and the ability to use it like an oven are useful and they appear to work good. I've had this BBQ for almost 1 year. Based on my experience over this time, I believe it has a major design flaw: the BBQ simply has too many openings between the lid and the grill , which allows for even the smallest bit of breeze to be captured by the BBQ and sucked into it. This causes the flames on the burners to be less than full strength. And I am not talking about a wind of any type, just a light breeze. Turning the BBQ around on my deck in various positions had no effect. I could never get the BBQ to heat much beyond 300-350 degrees. Therefore, even making grill marks on meat was almost impossible. And I have read the manual several times and read the responses by the manufacturer (or whoever) to other reviews on here about the regulator safety feature that can limit the flow of propane if the start-up and lighting sequence is not followed precisely. Trust me, it doesn't matter. I even changed my propane tank to a new one and it made no difference. Perhaps the only place you could locate this BBQ in Canada where there is absolutely no breeze is inside your garage or shed! There are openings in the back of the BBQ, all around the lid where it meets the base, and the biggest openings in my opinion are the large holes on each side that are there for installing a rotisserie . I did some experimentation and found that then I take some aluminum foil and crumble it into a ball and stuff the holes where the rotisserie goes, the size of the blue flames coming out of the burner double in size, which means that they are what they are supposed to be when the dials are set to maximum (10) on the control knobs. When I did this, the temperature inside the BBQ rose to almost 500 degrees in less than 10 minutes. There are also ventilation openings on the back of the BBQ. I understand that some ventilation is required but in my opinion the large holes on the sides of the BBQ prevent it from reaching a high temperature because too much heat escapes and the slightest breeze will cause the burner flames to flicker and not get to full flame height , which I observed several times. So because of this, I feel I have been misled by Canadian Tire's "Tested" by Canadians certification.

Great service

Very good service. Delivered and set up and attached to gas line

Trs facile pour tout

Idal pour cuisson viande car il cuit sans brler la viande et avec une temprature stable et facile de nettoyer