1.7 L Variable Temperature Glass Kettle

Technical Details
  • Five temperature pre-sets from 40-100°C (104-212°F)
  • 30-minute keep warm function
  • Automatic shut-off boil dry protection
  • Lid opens with convenient push-button on handle
  • LED lights indicate water temperature
  • 360° swivel base connects to kettle at any angle
  • Volume markings for precise filling
  • Capacity: 1.7 L
  • 1500 watts

Great for:
Coffee and black tea (80-100°C/176-212°F)
Green tea and white tea (60-80°C/140-176°F)
Hot chocolate and warm beverages (40-60°C/104-140°F)

Care Instructions
  • Caution: Do not immerse in water
    Please reference the User Manual for use and care instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
close but no cigar

bought this kettle a few weeks ago
temperature setting is off by at least 10C

select 80c....get 67c
select 90c get 77c
select 100c get 87c

temperatures as measured by digital thermometer

caveat emptor


Elle bip à chaque pression de bouton, lorsqu’elle atteint sa température et lorsqu’on la repose sur son socle. Pas moyen de les enlever.
Il n’y a pas de thermomètre affiché. Aucune idée de la température alors il faut repartir la machine avec tous les bips.
Nous la retournons au magasin, je préfère me passer d’américanos que de supporter ça.

Nailed it, but loud beeps

This kettle is perfect except for the fact that it beeps loud 3 times just to turn it on. Another beep to start. 2 beeps when finished. Total 6 beeps for one boil. I will have to return as it appears to be no way to turn the beeping off.

Doesn't actually boil water

I bought this after shopping around a fair bit. I wanted a variable temperature kettle for different sorts of tea. After a bit of use, and not getting a good strong cup of tea, I decided to actually use a thermometer to measure water temperature for boiled water. I wanted a strong dark tea and was only getting not much more than coloured water, even though it looked like the kettle had come to a rolling boil. I've tested multiple times, using the boil button, and can only get a measure of max 97 Celsius (with just over the minimum water - not filled, and after swishing it around and re-boiling). A single boil only gets to 95 degrees. If you want a kettle that actually brings water to a boil, don't get this one. Too late to return with Canadian Tire return policies I think, but am thoroughly unimpressed.

Good brand

I had same brand before. Lasted 15yr before the auto switch failed.

I read the beep when done was annoying. Its not intrusive and only beeps once.

Max temp is 90c which is not hot enough for tea but liveable with.

Got it for 50$ and now there is 7$ plus extra points for kettles. So ok. Not worth more than 50$.