0.9-Cu. ft. Matte White Microwave Oven

The Vida by PADERNO 0.9-Cu. ft. Matte White Microwave Oven features 6 pre-programmed functions for easy cooking, reheating, and defrosting. Also with Express cook and +30 second options and 10 power levels. It comes in a stylish matte white exterior with contemporary bronze-finish handle and easy-clean, grey interior.
Technical Details
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe glass turntable
  • Gentle touch buttons
  • 10 power levels
  • 6 pre-programmed functions
  • Bright white LED digital display
  • French and Braille keypad overlays included
  • Matte white exterior
  • Contemporary handle with bronze finish
Care Instructions
  • Dishwasher-safe glass turntable
  • Please reference the User Manual for use and care instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Low powered

This microwave is slow, like some other reviewed, but it's worse than that. One of the things we want the microwave for is popping popcorn. The last microwave and the one before that had no trouble with it. This microwave was on full power for 5 full minutes, and we got a handful of popcorn (80% of kernels unpopped). Then we reread the instructions in the manual and tried again. Full power for another 5 minutes. This time three kernels popped. This microwave is USELESS to us. After one day, we have to go get another one.
We can't return it because we spray painted the gold handle black (gold didn't go in our kitchen). So for us, this was 200.00 down the drain.
I've never had a microwave so terrible. I've had many other cheap microwaves, and they've always worked fine. This one is useless to us. Please don't waste your money. Keep looking. Buy something else.

Very slow

Very slow cooking time

Did not last.

One year warranty; at one year and 3 days, loud buzzing/arcing noise and complete failure.

Luc Bourque
Preferais mon vieux modele.

Assiette tournante et roulette non stable (bralante).

Didn't work-faulty

I love the look of it, but when I got it home, the cooking function didn't work. The interior light stayed on and the merry-go-round plate didn't rotate. Too bad because I like the look of it.