WoodFUSION™ Integrated Smoker Technology

Vida by PADERNO is proud to offer its exclusive WoodFUSION™ Integrated Smoker technology in several of our Outdoor Cooking products. See below to learn more about how this innovative technology infuses food with wood-fired flavour for an enhanced cooking experience.

Infuse your cooking with wood-fired flavour using WoodFUSION™ Integrated Smoker technology, exclusive to Vida by PADERNO.

The Vida by PADERNO WoodFUSION™ collection combines the ease of traditional gas grilling with the smoky flavour of wood-fired cooking. The integrated technology is built directly into the product, making smoke infusion easier than ever and removing the need for a standalone smoker box.

Find WoodFUSION™ Integrated Smoker Box technology on the Vida by PADERNO 12” Tabletop Gas Pizza Oven and 2-Burner Stainless Steel Portable Gas Grill.