GeoShield™ Non-Stick Technology

Vida by PADERNO is proud to offer its exclusive GeoShield™ Non-Stick Technology in select products throughout our Cookware and Bakeware collections. See below to learn more about how this revolutionary technology enhances non-stick performance for a superior cooking and baking experience.

Experience the joy of effortless food release and easy cleanup with GeoShield™ Non-Stick Technology, exclusive to Vida by PADERNO. GeoShield™ can be found in select Cookware and Bakeware products, including, frypans, baking sheets, cake pans, and more.

GeoShield™ Non-Stick Technology is a specially-formulated multi-layer coating combining the benefits of copper and crystalline for superior performance. A base coat infused with copper and crystalline help create a strong non-stick foundation, while a mid coat with extra copper provides additional strength and durability. A final top coat brings everything together, allowing for excellent food release and superior non-stick performance every time.

GeoShield™ Non-Stick Technology is infused with crystalline, a hard, sapphire-like substance that protects against scratching and peeling, while the addition of copper adds extra strength and a beautiful finish. Explore the collection today.