12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Vida by PADERNO 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker allows you to program your desired start time and brew strength – bold or regular. Featuring a non-drip glass carafe, auto-pause feature to pour mid-brew and a 2-hour keep-warm function.
Technical Details
  • Charcoal filter purifies for a clean coffee taste
  • Indicates when a cleaning cycle is required to maintain optimal coffee taste
  • Non-drip glass carafe
  • Two brew strength settings (bold or regular)
  • Program desired start time
  • 2-hour keep-warm function
  • Auto-pause feature to pour mid-brew

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Poor quality

Simply stopped working in less than a year.

Lasted just under 2 years, fast clock.

We bought this coffee maker in Spring/Summer of 2022. I honestly did appreciate it a lot, it did the trick and worked perfectly in terms of making coffee up until around a month ago. When it was at its prime, it made good coffee, the timer worked, and it did the trick! Just keep in mind this coffee maker may not last more than a couple of years. As well, I am not sure if it is just mine, but the clock has a mind of its own. The timer works when you set it, but the clock runs fast for some reason, and you could set it for the right time, but a few days later it will end up being further in time than it actually is.
If you're looking for something simple and are not too particular, this may be your coffee maker! But if you are someone who would get annoyed by imperfection, I would maybe keep looking! :)

Regret buying this!

I used it maybe twice and the bottom of the coffee pot chipped somehow and its impossible to get a replacement!! I found a generic one but it looks bad with it. Poor quality as Im not even sure how it chipped!


I like the machine, but the carafe broke and I cannot get a replacement ---It Is made of breakable GLASS Paderno!

Low value for price

I bought this coffee maker 6 months ago, now that I have a new one I realize the coffee was to strong in the old pot, the grounds would alway go over the top of the filter paper, because the mechanism above the karaf would not function properly leading to grounds in the coffee. The karaf is a joke it drips as you poor, the design is poor. And last of all it just stopped working after 6 months. When you pay over $100 for a coffee pot I expect a pot thay is designed properly.