Couteau de chef à trois rivets, 20,3 cm (8 po)

Le couteau de chef à triple rivet de 20,3 cm (8 po) Vida par PADERNO est conçu pour couper la viande, hacher les fines herbes et couper les légumes en dés. Fabriqué avec une lame en acier inoxydable pour un tranchant durable, style forgé monopièce pour équilibrer le poids et faciliter la manipulation, et un manche confortable avec une conception classique à triple rivet.
Détails techniques
  • Conception de style forgé monopièce
  • Lame en acier inoxydable
  • Manche confortable avec conception à triple rivet

Customer Reviews

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Rick Vaillant
Trs bon couteau rapport qualit et prix

Pour moins de 30$ c'est le meilleur couteau rapport que vous pouvez acheter

Good basic knife.

Good knife. Sharp edge.

This so far is a great nice sharp knife for the price.

Great knife for the price

Works great!

I have been using this frying pan for the last couple of weeks and it works amazingly! This truly is a non-stick pan. Fried eggs come out perfectly! I love the size of the pan and that the items on the pan slide and really do not stick. Its important to remember to not let this pan go above a medium heat. This pan is very conducive to heat as it is lightweight and a medium temperature will cook everything perfectly. I love that the clean up is super easy after cooking. Just wait until the pain is cooled and give it a little scrub and you are good to go! No excessive scrubbing or Barkeepers friend required (like my other pans). After trying this frying pan I have a great trust in the Paderno brand!
This is my new favourite frying pan and Im thankful for the opportunity to try it free in exchange for my honest opinion.

#gotitfree #freesample

Everyone needs one!

Everyone needs at least one of these in their kitchen! Its light weight and probably the easiest knife I have ever worked with! Made dicing so easy!!