Plaque chauffante à 5 brûleurs de la série Essence


Plaque chauffante à 5 brûleurs de la série Essence avec hotte intégrée Vida par PADERNO dotée d’une surface de cuisson polyvalente en acier laminé à chaud, idéale pour cuisiner le déjeuner, le dîner et le souper. Comprend une hotte intégrée pour une rétention maximale de la chaleur et d’un bac à graisse à accès frontal pour un nettoyage rapide et facile. Les boutons de commande de vue aérienne EasyCHECK vous permettent de sélectionner et de régler facilement la chaleur désirée pendant la cuisson, tandis que les 4 roulettes robustes offrent une mobilité facile avec 2 roulettes verrouillables pour plus de stabilité.

Détails techniques
  • Hotte intégrée pour une rétention maximale de la chaleur
  • Bac à graisse à accès frontal pour un nettoyage rapide et facile
  • Tablettes latérales rabattables et peu encombrantes avec crochets à outils intégrés
  • 4 roulettes robustes avec 2 roulettes verrouillables
  • Boutons de commande de vue aérienne EasyCHECK pour sélectionner et régler la chaleur

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
S. Racicot
Was very enthousiastic but...

I bought this griddle from Canadian Tire last month (May 2024), was super excited. After assembly I seasoned the griddle three times with good cooking oil and the coating was pitch perfect. Only problem now is the coating is pretty much gone (after 3 use) and regardless how much oil I put on, rust is showing up on the entire surface. I also noticed that the griddle becomes warped from the center when hot.
I tried also with a product made specifically for seasoning of griddles, did not work as expected.
Was there a change in the griddle quality?
I am afraid its not going to last very long even if I am taking very good care of it.
I have other cast iron griddle and they still look perfect after years of use, so something is wrong the quality of this product.

What does the "limited warranty covers"?

Guy G

I need to know the height from floor to the grilling surface plate

Excellent griddle

This is a great griddle. I always wanted one and when Canadian tire offered this it piqued my interest. Not sure if its allowed but I compiled an assembly video on YouTube. It shouldnt be hard to find as there is limited videos on the paderno. To sum up, an excellent well built griddle, easy to assemble. Highly

You wont regret this purchase

Ive owned this griddle since spring 2023 and I wish I had bought it sooner. It has a large cooking surface which heats evenly and the attached lid can act as a windbreak when cooking. The heat is evenly distributed and the front grease trap works as it should. You can find the replacement trays at the dollar store.
I would highly recommend this griddle.

Never looking back

Debated on a griddle BBQ vs a traditional BBQ and have 0 regrets going with this unit. Able to cook so many different foods on the griddle surface including delicious steaks and burgers. As long as you oil (season) the top regularly, it works amazing.