Ensemble de 5 ustensiles pour plaque chauffante


L’ensemble de 5 ustensiles pour plaque chauffante Vida par PADERNO comprend tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer la cuisson sur plaque chauffante à la maison. Doté d’une spatule à fentes, d’une spatule solide et d’un grattoir en acier inoxydable pour plaque chauffante, le tout est doté de poignées douces au toucher et de têtes de spatule ou de grattoir en acier inoxydable. L’ensemble comprend deux bouteilles compressibles, idéales pour l’eau, l’huile ou les condiments. 

Détails techniques
  • Spatule à fentes avec poignée douces au toucher et tête en acier inoxydable durable
  • Spatule solide avec poignée souple et tête en acier inoxydable durable
  • Grattoir en acier inoxydable avec poignée douce au toucher et lame de grattoir en acier inoxydable durable
  • Boucles pratiques sur les spatules à suspendre sur le côté du barbecue ou de la plaque chauffante
  • 2 bouteilles compressibles de 414 mL (14 oz) pour de l’eau, de l’huile ou des condiments
Directives d’entretien
  • Pièces allant au lave-vaisselle
  • Veuillez consulter l’emballage pour obtenir des instructions détaillées sur l’utilisation et l’entretien

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great BBQ Set

This is a great BBQ set. The two spatulas are sturdy and have comfortable handles. The two squeeze bottles are easy to dispense. I used one for oil and the other BBQ sauce. The scraper worked great at cleaning my grill. A great set at a great price.

Missing a burger press

This set has almost everything I was looking for in a griddle set. Only thing missing is a press to make smash burgers. The spatulas are high quality and will last a long time. The two spatulas serve the purpose of flipping turning and serving. The scraper chops food with ease and scraps stuck on food from the griddle.

Lacsy Panchalingam22484
Great Tool Set

This BBQ grill tool set is perfect for BBQ days. I love that it comes with the two squeeze bottles to easily sauce up my BBQ food. The spatulas are also nice and long which helps with moving items at the back of the grill as well.

Amazing BBQ Set

This set perfectly matched my new BBQ was able to have a great cookout with these tools

Decent set

The Vida by PADERNO Griddle Set exceeds expectations with its durable stainless steel construction. The edges feel a bit raw and unfinished making it sharp and harder to handle for cleaning but aside from that, the slotted spatula ensures clean drips, while the solid spatula handles flipping and serving with ease. The scraper's sharp edge tackles stuck-on particles effortlessly. The bottles doesn't seem to leak. Although this set has loops, a storage case would've been nice for the price considering there are comparable sets for better value. Overall pleased.