Barbecue convertible au gaz à 4 brûleurs de la série Essence

Le barbecue au gaz convertible à 4 brûleurs de la série Essence Vida par PADERNO est doté d’un système d’allumage électronique, de grilles de cuisson en fonte émaillée et d’une boîte de cuisson profonde offrant un débit d’air optimal pour la cuisson par convection. La technologie TempASSURED TechnologyMC, en attente de brevet, vous permet de régler et de maintenir une température précise en mode four, ou de profiter de la cuisson traditionnelle sur barbecue. Explorez la polyvalence de ce modèle à deux modes pour réaliser vos recettes préférées à l’extérieur. Savourez des résultats de cuisson uniformes et une rétention de chaleur optimale, en surveillant vos aliments sans qu’ils ne s’échappent par la chaleur grâce à la fenêtre EasyCHECK. Les boutons de commande EasyCHECK avec vue aérienne permettent de sélectionner et d’ajuster en toute transparence la température souhaitée pendant la cuisson.
Détails techniques
  • Technologie TempASSURED TechnologyMC utilisant le mode four ou le mode barbecue
  • Fenêtre EasyCHECK pour surveiller vos aliments sans que la chaleur ne s’échappe à l’aide des boutons de commande EasyCHECK
  • Boutons de commande EasyCHECK pour sélectionner et ajuster les réglages de chaleur
  • Grilles de cuisson en fonte émaillée
  • Système d’allumage électronique
  • Boîte de cuisson profonde pour une cuisson par convection
  • Quatre tentes de chaleur en acier recouvert de porcelaine
  • Quatre brûleurs tubulaires en acier inoxydable
  • Crochets à outils intégrés sur l’étagère latérale
  • Brûleurs principaux de 38 000 BTU
  • Brûleur latéral de 12 000 BTU avec couvercle
  • Surface de cuisson totale de 4 129 cm2 (640 po2)
  • Système de valve convertible du propane au gaz naturel (kit de conversion vendu séparément)

Customer Reviews

Based on 244 reviews
KN Smith
Great bbq - Recommend

Bought the 4 burner bbq for cottage, 2 yrs ago. Very happy with it. The ability to use it for baking, as well as bbqing, is main reason we purchased this specific bbq and it has not let us down using either method. Need a new bbq at home and will be buying the paderno 4 burner. Highly recommend.

Missing the wheels

After i get everything out of the box we didnt find the wheels and cannot put it back in the box quality control issue


J'ai achet ce produit et l'alignement entre le couvert n'est pas bon au point que je ne peux pas ferme compltement le couvert sans pousser sur le cote!
J'ai contacter le support! PAS DE RETOUR pres 3 emails et 3 semaines...... UN VRAI JOKE!

N'acheter pas cette marque! A VITER CAR LE SUPPORT EST INEXISTANT!

Fire Hazard

I bought this June 2023 for father's day. When my husband had it in the "stove" mode to cook supper, the whole BBQ caught on fire and the knobs melted off onto my deck and almost started a fire. I had to put out with a fire extinguisher. Paderno is telling me they won't replace and suggested this was a "flash back fire" that their warranty doesn't cover. They said likely a bug blocked a line and told me I should have been doing proper maintenance - using a "a stick or something" to clean the bugs out regularly to prevent the fire. I had a cover for it, and we are the only users. I've never had to check a bbq I've owned for bugs with sticks on a regular basis in order to ensure I don't have a flashback fire that will burn my house down.... anyone else? Customer service not helpful and I paid almost $700 for this new less than one year ago.

What a waste of hard earned money

To say that the purchase of this bbq the other day was a mistake is the understatement of the century. Appreciating we have a number of Paderno products, we figured this bbq would be just fine. How wrong we were. It generates no real heat you expect of a decent bbq.
As an example, in spite of running all 4 burners on max heat we cooked 4 hamburgers and it took almost 35 minutes and they never did get a sear on them. Figuring that maybe we had a problem with the propane tank, we tried 2 others. One completely full and the other about 1/3 full. None made a difference and the regulator was threaded and tightened properly.
In accordance with the troubleshooting section, we also reset the regulator 3 or 4 times, hoping that would solve the problem. No deal!
Within the attached photo, all 4 burners have been running on high for 25 minutes, and as you can see, the temperature is barely 200 degrees Fahrenheit. I could actually place my hand on the lid. We should have gone with our first wish and purchased either a Weber or Char Broil. If it wasn't so big and bulky, it would be going back for a refund within 5 minutes!!