Four à micro-ondes blanc mat de 1,1 p3

Le four à micro-ondes blanc mat Vida par PADERNO de 1,1 pi3 est doté de 6 fonctions préprogrammées pour faciliter la cuisson, le réchauffage et la décongélation. Aussi avec cuisson express, options d’ajout de 30 secondes et 10 niveaux de puissance. Il est offert dans un élégant extérieur blanc mat avec une poignée contemporaine au fini bronze et un intérieur gris facile à nettoyer.
Détails techniques
  • Plateau tournant amovible en verre allant au lave-vaisselle
  • Boutons tactiles
  • 10 niveaux de puissance
  • 6 fonctions préprogrammées
  • Écran numérique à DEL blanc vif
  • Autocollants de texte en braille et en français inclus
  • Extérieur blanc mat
  • Poignée contemporaine au fini bronze
Directives d’entretien
  • Plateau tournant allant au lave-vaisselle
  • Veuillez consulter le manuel de l’utilisateur pour les instructions d’utilisation et d’entretien

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
The LED Light is way too bright (lights up the whole kitchen) and I wish the company would make Whit

The LED light is too bright and Second dots blink every few seconds very annoying also why not have white interior as opposed to dark.

Love it

Nice and clean looking and love the style

Pretty - but Noisy - Sound Meter says 65-70 db.

Nice little product - seems to work well. Comes with a Braille control panel cover if you need it. I'm mentioning this because I've never seen another one like this, and this could be really important to someone.
The white/gold combo is nice, mimicking the GE Cafe line (which is $1900 for the microwave...). This works well for my kitchen and blends in nicely, although the finish is a bit cheap looking (should have used gold PVD for the handle, rather than paint).
Anyway - it's OK - too bad it is dark grey inside - would be easier to see things if it were white or stainless (there's a light but it doesn't help much)

Good look for the $$. You will notice it is really noisy though...

Eileen B
Microwave damaged, noisy, poor quality

This was bought as a gift for my motherinlaw.
When we removed the microwave from the box, the top was dented, no damage to box so must have happened at factory.
Very noisy and didn't heat up properly, too the point my mother-in-law was afraid to turn it on.
Inside light was very dim, couldn't even see food inside with light.
We returned for full refund and bought elsewhere as no other brand was available that we liked in store.

Dark Interior Colour

This is an excellent microwave, which cooks quickly and is also great for reheating things. The size is great! My only problem is the interior colour! I would have preferred white as it's easy to see if it's clean. The box said this was light grey, but it's much darker, actually medium/dark grey. If your eyes don't see as well as they should, this is it's only disadvantage!